It’s easy to write off the importance of comfortable seating. We game in all kinds of places; downstairs, upstairs, in the garage, on the bus, in the car. Thing is, settle down for any half-decent length of time and you’ll realise how important it is to not only be comfortable but safe, too. Yes, I sound like your boring Health & Safety rep. No, I do not make apologies for that.

Maybe it’s because I spend so much time sitting on my arse gaming or writing, but in the last year or so, I’ve realised how important it is to look after myself whilst sat down for extended periods. My watch reminds me to get up and walk about every hour, but it’s the other 55-minutes I spend lying on the bed (my preferred gaming spot, sorry not sorry) that I needed to address. And then I remembered that chairs for gaming were a thing.

They’re expensive, though, right? Like, almost inexcusably so. But with such a huge range of styles, types, and prices, how do you even know what kind of pc gaming chair to get? Just like getting your PC rig yourself, most of us need a little guidance and to be honest, I didn’t even know where to start.

With the kind of serendipitous luck that I rarely encounter, as I started scouting around for a chair, EWin got in touch about their ergonomic gaming chair range, asking if we fancied doing a review. So that’s exactly what this is: a review. Of a chair. No PR speak, no preamble, no buzzwords (I wouldn’t even know what buzzwords to use, really); just a real review of a real chair from someone who really does sit down and play games for a huge percentage of the time.

Despite the rush to get the review up as quickly as possible, here’s something you need to know about us: we don’t rush stuff. While it’s cool to give your first impressions and all, I don’t believe you can rush any kind of tech or hardware review, not least because living with it – day in, day out, and especially when the shiny newness has worn off – is the best way to understand how robust or effective an item is long-term. Most things are just fine a day or two out of the box; the real test comes when you’ve been flopping in and jumping out of a chair for several weeks. And if you’re shelling out hundreds of dollars/pounds for the right kind of kit, you need to know it’s worth the investment, right?

Unlike other retailers, EWin wants to know your intimate details before your chair is dispatched. Sure, it’s a bit squirmy, passing over your height and weight details, but according to them, it’s the best way to get a chair tailored for your body type. Initially, this made me a little sceptical; we need a chair to suit the whole family, really, as the office space is shared across us all… and we certainly don’t have space for three different bloody chairs. We needn’t have worried, mind. Everyone’s been able to use (and ever-so-slightly abuse) the chair without incident to date.

That said, it is incredibly well made, and straight-forward enough to put together (although we found the directions a little misleading at first, as some parts had been pre-assembled before the chair reached us). Assembly took a little over half an hour. After six weeks of vigorous use, the stitching and fabric remain taut and stable, and the memory foam is hugely beneficial, especially given I have long-term issues with lumbar support. These means the little pillows that come with the chair, however supplementary they might seem to be at first, became game changers for me. The frame is sturdier than expected, too, which meant I knew I could completely relax into the seat, knowing it’s robust enough to keep me supported.

It locks and adjusts in all the usual places, but it was – surprisingly – the flexibility of the armrests that we were most impressed with, chiefly because everyone using the chair has slightly different preferences. The back seat itself can recline to a full 155 degrees, which means it’s not a bad place to kick back and watch a movie or a Let’s Play, too.

Best of all, though, it still looks every bit as great as when it arrived. Gaming chairs have a tendency to be a little…. Well, ostentatious or lurid. EWin’s style is simple and effective, with a small but pleasant range of colours to pick from, too.

If you’re interested in the science bit, you can check out all the specs below. But in my low-tech, non-specialist opinion, I’m quietly impressed. May it and my body be bottom-buddies for many happy years to come.

Disclaimer: the company provided us with a chair for review purposes in exchange for our full, frank views. If you like what you see, LPVG readers can snag a 10% discount off the full price of the Champion series with the code: “LPVG”

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