A videogame store’s social media manager has managed to go a whole 24 hours without posting anything offensive or controversial, bagging an award in the process.

Debbie Marsden, 24 from Dudley, has received an OBE for services to social media, after she managed to not post anything ill-advised on the Twitter and Facebook feeds for videogame site PayAndPlay.

Talking about her feat, Marsden claimed that “thinking for more than five seconds, avoiding validating toxic parts of the gaming community, not sharing memes popularised by sustained campaigns by white supremacists, and just generally not being a dick” all contributed to her success.

During the 24 hours without incident, PayAndPlay’s feed posted a picture of a dog wearing a Mario hat, highlighted some of the sales on the site, and avoided posting an image of Pepe the Frog while calling a customer a racial slur.

Marsden will be talking about her social media strategy at the Stop Being Pricks conference held in Brighton this September.

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