A local mother has been awarded an OBE for “services to parenting”, after doing research in how to be able to talk to her daughter about a popular videogame.

Ms. Farida Qadir, 34, is reported to have not only watched news pieces on Channel 4, ITV’s This Morning and BBC Breakfast about the massively popular Fortnite, but also went deep undercover and played the game for herself.

“Well I wanted to understand what it was my daughter was so obsessed with,” Qadir said when receiving her honour from the Queen on Sunday, “But there’s only so much my other parent friends knew about it, so I thought I would play it and see for myself”.

When asked about the widely reported risks, including causing violent tendencies and creating a new generation of serial killers, Qadir was unconvinced,

“See, I thought that too at first. But it turns out just sharing your kids’ interests lets you more easily talk about it with them. I’m not worrying about what she’s doing in the game if we’re playing duos and I’m carrying her. As usual.”

Qadir’s methods have proven controversial with other local parents, including one anonymous father who told LPVG his 6 year old son has not been seen since first downloading the game. The source told us he “wished he’d never Wotsisface that bloody game boy”.

However, Qadir maintains that by learning about things her daughter likes, she has been able to reassure herself while also putting constructive restrictions on her daughter’s screen time.

“She gets an hour a night, and then it’s mummy’s time. I’m level 25 on the Battle Pass now, and we’ve moved the Xbox out of her room so I can keep playing after she’s gone to bed.”

Like all other “BREAKING NEWS” posts on Let’s Play Video Games, this is a humorous article and not an actual news report.

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