A local father has sparked outrage in the community by stating he loves the sound the Switch’s friends list makes more than his newborn child.

Wilbur McIntosh, 39, posted on Facebook about how “the little woop-woo noise”, as he describes it, is more cute than his son Jacob, who was born just one week ago.

“I can’t help it, it’s so cute,” McIntosh wrote, “The way it goes wip-woo and then woop-woo… I often spend more time opening and closing my Switch’s friend list than I do playing any games, like Splatoon 2 or feeding Jason [sic]”.

His friends, and the public once his posts went viral, have been condemned and appreciated in equal measure.

One anonymous father claimed that loving console noises more than your child is “a real problem in society today, and I say good on Wilbur for speaking up about his difficulty. It was the GameBoy Advance ‘ting’ for me, and I spent six months forgetting I even had a daughter”.

“It’s disgusting,” says one mother of two, “I’d never choose between my kids, Xbox Launch Sound and PlayStation 1 Boot Noise. I love them both equally”.

Have you been affected by this issue? Did your parents often mistake you with the Sega Saturn boot sound? Please call our action line at 0800-BLEEP-BLOOP.

Like all other “BREAKING NEWS” posts on Let’s Play Video Games, this is a humorous article and not an actual news report.

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