According to an astonishing amount of anonymous sources contacting Let’s Play Video Games, privacy policies are universally being updated without any sort of announcement, following the rise of a mysterious “GDPR”.

While we’ve been unable to confirm this information, and there appears to be no mention of the changes online, numerous companies including Razer, Kickstarter, Steam, GOG and more are all updating their policies for reasons as of yet unknown. It is rumoured these changes will include greater access to users’ own data, and notifications of security breaches, however no company is willing to communicate what the changes entail.

One source cites an elusive “GDPR”, claiming this is the cause of the changes that are being quietly made with very little public fanfare. It was not made clear whether GDPR is a program, organisation, or even hacker group. Our investigations have brought very little up as of yet.

“They want to slip it past us” the source, who has confirmed their identity with LPVG, said, “Nobody is talking about these changes, or even what they are. Nobody I spoke to has had so much as an email about this, which is bizarre”.

What are these clandestine changes? What, or who, is GDPR? Will anyone ever let the cat out of the bag? LPVG will be continuing to investigate, and we encourage all readers to keep an eye out for any public mention of GDPR, although it is unlikely those in control of it will ever make such changes public.

Like all other “BREAKING NEWS” posts on Let’s Play Video Games, this is a humorous article and not an actual news report.

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