Farming Simulator developer Giants has announced a retail release of the non-platinum DLC for Farming Simulator 17, dubbed the Official Expansion 2. It’ll include the two previously released DLC, plus an upcoming ROPA vehicle and equipment pack. At the same time, it also confirmed to Let’s Play Video Games that it will be talking about Farming Simulator 19 “in the near future”.

The ROPA pack DLC, due for a digital release on March 13 for all platforms, will include six new vehicles and pieces of equipment by the ROPA agricultural equipment company. It might not sound like much to those not acquainted with the series, but realistically detailed vehicles are the lifeblood of the game. Getting more of them based on real-world companies is exciting.

The pack will also be included in the Official Expansion 2 retail bundle alongside the Big Bud and KUHN Equipment packs, bringing the total up to 38 extras for the base game. The disc will also include PDF ebooks and videos based on modding for the game, with everything from designing to sharing being explained in detail.

The Official Expansion 2 will also be launching on March 13 alongside the ROPA pack. However, it will require you already own either the base game or Farming Simulator 17: Platinum Edition, as it will not come with it. You should probably pick those up regardless of whether you want Official Expansion 2, as Farming Simulator 17 is pretty dang excellent. FS17 players might already own the Big Bud and KUHN packs too, as they are included in the season pass for consoles.

It’s an odd thing to release DLC in retail for a niche game like this, for certain, but from a fanbase point of view, it’s neat to see it get a boxed release to collect. Farming Simulator 17 also already has a thriving modding scene, and so basing the extras on contributing to that helps guarantee 17 a longer lifespan than Giants may be able to commit to.

In other farming news, Giants has also confirmed in a tweet to Let’s Play Video Games that Farming Simulator 19 – this year’s edition of the game expected for PC and consoles following last year’s portable-only FS18 – is still on its way, despite this long-term support for 17.

Giants says it will be talking about 19 “in the near future”, but considering Farming Simulator 17 launched in November 2016, we can’t be more than a few months away at most from hearing what new stuff will be coming in the next numbered release.

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