Nintendo has faced criticism today due to not advertising to its audience as much as they would have liked.

Players are taking to Twitter to criticise the lack of a Nintendo Direct livestream, an event carefully designed to ensure maximum engagement with both the press cycle by sidestepping larger exhibitions such as E3, and to audiences who have grown to see such elusive streams as more than the purely PR-driven exercises they are.

“I don’t know what Nintendo would announce,” said MarioFan99, “And I am certain that without a Nintendo bestowing upon us half an hour of scripted marketing, I wouldn’t ever hear about its games!”.

“I just need that tasty marketing spiel to help me feel alive” said Princess_Rabbid, while BowserKuribo pointed out they “don’t even buy the games, [they] just like to watch the Direct for the memes.”

Nintendo has not confirmed a Direct stream is coming, however rumour has been rife, including it managing to get marketing for a PR event that might not even happen from a now-deleted tweet by games retailer GameStop.

Oh also it set Chibi Robo on fire for some reason.

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