Review: SecretLab Titan Gaming Chair

My arse feels wonderful

Whenever you’re gaming, there’s always a friend to back you up. A friend to support and comfort you in your times of triumph and misery. They never complain, they never judge, they never criticise, they’re just always there, quietly covering the rear. It is, of course, the humble chair.

For something we spend more and more time on in this horrific, capitalist modern world, we don’t really pay too much attention to chairs. They’re chairs, so they’re nowhere near as interesting as a new console or graphics card. But we should, because with a poor chair comes potential long-term health problems, pain and general discomfort. This is where the SecretLab TITAN comes in: a gaming chair designed by former gaming professionals after punishing their arses with numerous lengthy training sessions.

It sounds a bit gimmicky in the “by gamers, for gamers” sense, but the resulting chair is quite possibly the best one that’s ever had the honour of receiving my buttcheeks, even if there are a few minor… safety concerns.

The best [chair] that’s ever had the honour of receiving my buttcheeks.

Construction for the SecretLab Titan was, overall, fairly easy. The instructions could’ve been clearer (especially the photos, which are horrifically vague), and the included Allen key is a bit naff, but it was certainly easier than previous office chairs I’ve had to put together. There were some clever design considerations, such as being able to hand-tighten some of the bolts instead of needing to always fiddle with a screwdriver, that were very much appreciated.

My only quibble with the construction quality, and it is, admittedly, a fairly significant quibble, is that the backrest adjustment lever feels very… scary. On the packaging there are constant warnings about putting your hand anywhere near the lever during construction because of risk of injury, but it doesn’t warn you about just how violently it will bounce and lock into place during standard use.

This lets you spend more time managing your own farm and less time just finding stuff to do while waiting.

I’ve adjusted it multiple times and have come out the other end with all fingers in-tact, and I’m positive SecretLab have done extensive safety testing, but the sheer force of the lever locking feels like it would be enough to cause some very unlucky person damage to their hand or wrist. I don’t think I should be fearing for my safety while using a chair.

It’s a risk worth taking, though. I’ve had ergonomic ones, executive ones, cheap ones, expensive ones, but I don’t believe I’ve had one that is as comfortable as this one. The seating is deceptively padded, and has retained its cushioning during the weeks I’ve been using it. The back-rest provides decent lumbar support, and the adjustable arm-rests and seat height should support most people regardless of height or weight.

It looks pretty great, too. The colours are vibrant (with a black option available too, if you don’t like brightness), and the overall shape is interesting without falling into the cyborg-alien-aesthetic so much gaming equipment does. It’s a nice mid-point between “professional” but boring executive chairs, and daft-but-eyecatching gaming racing-style chairs. I’m not entirely sold on the prominence of the SecretLab branding – particularly on both sides of the backrest – as it disrupts the otherwise cohesive design, but that is a huge non-issue in the grand scheme of things.

The overall shape is interesting without falling into the cyborg-alien-aesthetic so much gaming equipment does.

A chair is a chair is a chair. I can’t give fancy specs or performance analysis, and there’s no options menus to pour through. It’s a chair, its only reason for existing is to be something I can shove my arse on. Despite that, SecretLab have managed to make something very special with the Titan. It’s comfortable and stylish, but it’s also comparatively cheap. If you find yourself sat at a desk a lot, be it for gaming or work, I’d be hard-pressed to find anything in this price-range I’d recommend more.

Price: £450

Manufcturer: SecretLab

  • Comparitively cheap for its quality.
  • Comfortable as all heck.
  • Fully adjustable.
  • Assembly instructions are a bit vague.
  • Back-rest lever is very forceful.
  • Not a fan of all the branding.

While you can get cheaper chairs, the SecretLab Titan is easily one of the most comfortable, sturdy, and tasteful-looking chairs in its price range. My butt is in heaven.


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