The developer of 2017 has been forced to apologise after rising criticisms from the community over the handling of the year.

Following a year of sexual offense scandals, political upheaval, celebrity deaths and now the repealing of Net Neutrality in the United States, the primary team behind 2017 has released a statement taking ownership of the year’s issues,

“We’ve heard your concerns, and we admit we didn’t communicate our vision clearly enough with the community”, community manager Angus Burgenon said in the statement, “We messed up. We will be assessing our internal data, and will be giving you more information very soon soon about how we plan to improve the year in a balance update due in about three weeks.”

While Burgenon gave no details of what this update – dubbed 2017.2 – will entail, the community response has been less than optimistic, citing the lengthy time it has taken for the studio to acknowledge.

“2017 has been awful since launch”, one Twitter user said, “That they’ve taken 12 months to admit the problems doesn’t fill me with confidence for the patches. I’ve moved on, and won’t be coming back.”

So, will you be willing to give 2017 a second go? Or are these patches too late for you?

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