Sony is running a free multiplayer event from tomorrow until November 20, 2017.

Right now, you require a PlayStation Plus subscription – clocking in at £50 – to play most multiplayer modes on Sony consoles. But Sony’s PlayStation Plus Open Multiplayer Event will allow anyone, without or without a valid PS+ sub, to hook up and play online.

The event’s live from 10am GMT tomorrow until the same time on November 10, 2017. There’s not even a registration process or the need to sign up with a credit card; just boot up your favourite multiplayer game, and off you go.

And just in case you were wondering… no, you won’t be able to grab any of the free games eligible to PS+ members. Afraid you’ll need a full subscription for that.

Sony recently updated its Rewards Passes, where players who collect 1000 points – which are amassed by collecting Silver, Gold trophy, and Platinum trophies – can exchange their points for $10 of PSN store credit. So I guess this is a good time to get those elusive outstanding multiplayer trophs, eh?

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