A secret game has been found secreted in Nintendo Switch’s firmware.

As reported by EurogamerSwitchbrew found a copy of the 1984 NES-classic NES Golf – complete with NES emulator – hidden in the code.

Named “flog” (“golf” backwards, incidentally) the files are currently unable to run directly, although – according to Switchbrew – you can get it to load “by setting the system date to July 11 and performing a currently unknown motion with the two Joy-Con”.

Yes, that’s right: NES Golf has even been updated to work with the Switch Joy-Con controllers, so it’ll offer two-player challenges, too.

Fans are now speculating that the emulator might be how arcade classics like Super Mario Bros. – slated for Switch release next year – will run on the new hybrid system.

“Unknown motion” with the Joy-Cons, eh? Brace yourself for the videos and memes, people.

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