I love me a good farming sim, and it looks like the genre’s having a bit of a renascence at the moment. SODESCO has announced it will be publishing Real Farm this October for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

The trailer up top doesn’t show a whole lot of how it’ll play, but it does show off some of the fancy fields and livestock that we’ll be looking after in two separate modes. First there is “Free Mode”, akin to current genre-definer Farming Simulator, were you’re given a farm from the get-go and tending to it to drive expansion is the aim of the game.

Secondly, and potentially more interestingly, is “Career Mode”, where players will start out as contractors taking as many jobs from other farmers as they can to raise the funds to purchase their own land. As most farming sims tend to just give you your farm straight away, the idea of being a wandering farmhand raising funds to chase their dream sounds like an interesting take on the genre.

SODESCO says the game will run at a native 4K, although the framerates for that, and whether there will be PS4 Pro and Xbox One X support, are yet to be announced.

While at first glance it doesn’t seem as visually impressive as Farming Simulator, or the upcoming Pure Farming 2018, that career mode might well help Real Farm carve out its own niche when it launches on October 20.

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