The continuing global domination of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds continues, as it managed to usurp League of Legends as the most-watched game on Twitch last month.

After breaking the 10 million sales mark, and beating Dota 2 as the most-played game on Steam, it looks like the battle royale beast has its eyes firmly set on beating the only other industry giant left: League of Legends.

Githyp, a data-tracking site, has reported that, for the first time since its tracking began in 2015, League of Legends is no longer the most-watched game on Twitch. Instead, in every recorded metric, it is none other than PUBG.

In August, League of Legends enjoyed 97,000 viewers per hour, with a peak of 377,000 peak viewers and a total of 67.6 million viewers over the course of the month. Meanwhile, PUBG had 100,000 viewers per hour, 393,000 peak viewers, and 69.8 million viewers overall.

Githyp cites Gamescom’s PUBG Invitational tournament as a big reason why it managed to beat League. As there’s nothing planned in the way of big esports-tournaments for it this month, there is a chance things will return to the status quo for September’s Twitch statistics. Or maybe this is just another hurdle PUBG’s effortlessly crossed, and this is how it will be from now on?

As an interesting aside, Githpy also reported that August was Dota 2’s biggest month on Twitch ever, thanks to The International 7. It was still beaten by PUBG.

Battlegrounds is freaking big.

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