Okami HD has been rated by Korean ratings body the GRAC, and it looks like a surprise PC version might be in the works.

Picked up by NeoGAF, three listings for the Korean versions of an Okami HD appear in the listings for the Game Rating Board: one for Xbox One, one for PlayStation 4… and another for PC.

Korea requires all games rated to be included in its public database, and so is incredibly leaky for unannounced titles. This follows a report in August from Kotaku, where European retail chains were found to have added the remaster added to their internal release calendars.

It’s worth mentioning that none of this is an official confirmation, and it doesn’t guarantee that the game will even happen any time soon, if at all. Ratings can happen far in advance, and retail calendars aren’t entirely accurate, so there is still a slight possibility these are simply placeholders (especially a PC version) for a game that isn’t actually in development.

On the other hand, Okami? On PC? That’s going to make more than a few people very, very excited.

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