L.A. Noire, Rockstar’s open world period detective game featuring the best horrifying facial animations known to gaming, is getting a modern rerelease for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. HTC Vive is also getting a new spin-off title that shifts the game’s cases into VR.

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One editions will include improved resolutions, better textures, “new cinematic camera angles” and other little touch-ups to drag the game into the modern era. Players on PS4 Pro or Xbox One X will also enjoy native 4K resolutions, although at what framerate has been left unanswered.

The Switch, meanwhile, will have more substantial changes such as gesture-based and touchscreen controls, and its own set of wider camera angles to better support the platform. It’ll also make use of the JoyCons’ HD rumble and gyroscopic features in some way.

The Vive will get its own version of the game too, dubbed L.A. Nore: The VR Case Files. We don’t know whether this will be a straight-up remake of the game in VR, or a more constrained version (probably of the detection and interviewing mechanics, with less of the open-world stuff), but Rockstar is saying it will contain all of the original game’s cases rebuilt to be VR-friendly.

In its day, L.A. Noire was fantastic. It introduced impressive new face-syncing technology, a lovingly detailed 1940’s Los Angeles, and some great detective moments. Unfortunately, other games have done two out of three of those things far, far better in the six years since we first saw it, leaving it looking dated beyond its years today. Maybe a fancy 4K version, or a VR spin-off, is exactly what it needs?

As a fun side-note, this is the first Rockstar-published game on a Nintendo console since Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars on the DS in 2009. Maybe this will be the start of a more reliable presence from the GTA publisher on Nintendo platforms?

L.A. Noire will hit PS4, XB1, Switch and Vive on November 14.

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