For a little while, Fortnite had cross-play support between Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Turns out it was a considered a bug and has now been patched out.

Eurogamer caught wind of a Reddit post claiming PlayStation 4 Fortnite players were seeing other players with spaces in their names. While that doesn’t sound particularly exciting, spaces are not allowed in usernames on the PlayStation Network… but are allowed in Xbox Gamertags.

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After some research, it was confirmed that, yes, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 had cross-play quietly enabled. There is photographic evidence of this in action, with father and son enjoying the game on both platforms side-by-side.

Unfortunately, it was all too good to be true, and Epic has confirmed to Eurogamer that it was a “configuration issue” that “has now been corrected”. So if you were hoping to cross the Great Chasm of SonyBeingAnArse, you’re already too late.

Except this is a bit bigger than just Fortnite. This is irrefutable proof that there is no technical barrier for cross-play between Xbox Live and PSN and that the final obstacle is simply Sony being Sony. Microsoft has fully embraced cross-play in recent years, with everything from Gears of War 4 to Rocket League to Minecraft supporting cross-play between PC, Xbox One and, in Rocket League’s case, Switch.

Sony, meanwhile, continues to prevent cross-play with its ecosystem. Minecraft for PS4 or Vita aren’t able to play with PC, Mobile or Xbox One, being the two big omissions from the recent Better Together update. Rocket League can cross-play with PC, but not with Xbox, making the whole thing a bit of a confusing mess.

Dear Sony: Open the borders. Stop having them be closed.

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