Farming Simulator: Nintendo Switch Edition has been given a much tighter release window now, with the game due in November this year.

The game still doesn’t have a precise date, but a new trailer released by Giants and publisher Focus Home Interactive gives newcomers an overview of what the series is about. It shows off the new control schemes exclusive to the Switch edition, both in docked and portable modes.

What still isn’t entirely clear is whether this is a brand new edition of the game, or a port of last year’s excellent Farming Simulator 17. Judging by those fields and landscapes, my money is on this being 17 in all but name. The box art is also the same as 17, however Focus refused to say for definite earlier this year when we asked at a preview event in Paris.

It’s worth pointing out that the Switch edition might not have the multiplayer component its PS4, Xbox One and PC/Mac counterpart features, as this is not listed on the official pre-order page. It could be that the list is incomplete, but multiplayer is included on the other editions’ pages.

Seeing as this year’s portable-only Farming Simulator 18 was kind of disappointing in comparison to 17, a Switch edition which takes the universally superior 17 and gives it 18’s sole advantage of portability could well make it a fan-favourite.

November is set to be a very Farming Simulator-rich month, as it also sees the release of 17’s Platinum expansion, bringing with it new crops, vehicles, and a South American-themed map to tend to. It’s not confirmed that this will be in the Switch edition, but with both ‘coincidentally’ releasing around the same time, I’d be surprised if it doesn’t.

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