Starcraft 2 pros-turned-gaming chair manufacturers Secretlab is finally bringing its chairs to the UK, after being available… well… basically everywhere else.

Despite launching in Singapore in 2015, and since spreading across most of Asia, Australia and the United States, Secretlabs are only just releasing their chairs in the UK now, starting with the Titan.

Gaming chairs are cool and all, but it’s more the company’s history that caught my attention with this. Secretlab is run by Ian “MUSE” Ang and Alaric “Rekanise” Choo, two former Starcraft 2 esports pros on the South-east Asian Starcraft 2 circuit.

With the long hours training for esports inevitably comes with, I’m interested to see whether designs by people who’ve actually had to sit for nine hours playing a game works out any better than the multitude of honestly-kinda-naff gaming chairs we see flood the market every now and then. I know for a fact my arse feels numb after mainlining a game for review…

The Secretlab Titan is on sale in the UK now for a promotional launch price of £329. It’s also available in the US, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia.

You’re still thinking about my arse, aren’t you?

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