Ebb Software has released almost eight minutes of gameplay footage for its first person body-horror adventure Scorn, alongside a new Kickstarter campaign for the game.

The footage shows a decent amount of what to expect from Scorn, such as horrific enemies, gross puzzles, and a focus on atmospheric, H.R. Giger-esque environments. It also shows off some of the gunplay with the equally nauseating weapons you’ll have at your disposal.

The fact the footage does show so much combat is setting off some alarm bells, as the game has previously been described as more of an adventure game than a straight-up FPS. Fortunately, the Kickstarter campaign does address this, listing “environmental storytelling”, “fight or flight” encounters, and “contextual puzzles” as major parts of the game as well.

The campaign is to provide Ebb with more resources to polish the first episode, dubbed Dasein. The team claims that, while almost done content-wise, it’s still “not really satisfied with all aspects of the game”, prompting them to take to Kickstarter to secure the further funds needed for extra polish. Considering the game is still over a year away from its expected October 2018 release date, that equals to a lot of polish.

Scorn is currently looking for €150,000, and with 34 days remaining, there is a chance it can pull it off. A demo is expected to be released some time before the end of the campaign for backers. Lucky, lucky backers…

I wrote about Scorn last year, thanks its quieter take on body horror compared to the likes of Resident Evil and Dead Space. I’m really looking forward to the first episode, no matter how much extra polish it’s able to secure.

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