If UK online retailer Alza is to be believed, Platinum’s Bayonetta and Vanquish are making their way to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as a double pack this November.

The listings on Alza list the pack as “expected November 2017”. While Platinum nor Sega have announced the pack officially, and an unknown retailer’s listings not being a very reliable source, Bayonetta and Vanquish both received enhanced PC ports earlier this year. There’s a good chance those ports paved the way for these modern console remasters.

Bayonetta is supported on Xbox One already through backwards compatibility, but this will be the first time it hits PlayStation 4. Considering the PS3 version of the game was massively inferior to Xbox (and later Wii U), maybe this will finally mean PlayStation fans get a decent, working port?

No price, release date or even official confirmation have been released yet. November’s only two months away, though, so it’s not like we’ll be waiting ages to find out.

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