Compulsion Games has announced that dystopic 1960s drug-fueled horror survival We Happy Few will be receiving its story and leaving early access on April 13, 2018 for Xbox One, PC and, thanks to a new partnership with Gearbox, PlayStation 4.

The announcement quickly followed the release of the final early access update, The Life in Technicolour. The update adds new encounters (missions with their own characters and stories), an updated UI, fast travel and a host of bug fixes. You can see the update in action in the developer’s vlog below.

Until now, We Happy Few was only available for PC and Xbox One. It was shown off extensively during Microsoft’s E3 2016 conference, and made good use of the Xbox Game Preview program. Because of that, it’s surprising to see the game will also be making its way to PlayStation 4 with launch date parity to the other platforms.

Talking about the partnership with Gearbox Publishing in a new blog post, Compulsion says update that it allows We Happy Few to have a full retail release as opposed to the digital-only launch previously planned.

This move is the reason behind recent price-hikes to a whopping $50.99, as the price across all storefronts must be the same thanks to deals with retailers. It also discusses post-launch plans for the game, including the existence of a Season Pass due to, once again, retail pressures.

I haven’t gone back to it since the original early access launch, but I was way into We Happy Few at the time. Its marvelous world-building, visual style and character design, alongside incredibly tense stealth and clever encounters made it shoot straight up there as one to watch.

The lengthy wait until the story mode is a bit sad, but at least it leaves Compulsion plenty of time to make it great.

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