As you may have seen already, things are going to be changing at LPVG. Laura has had to leave the site due to a new position at another outlet, and that, unfortunately, meant her Patreon campaign also had to close.

As that campaign funded the site, Vikki and myself have launched a new replacement campaign to ensure the site can stay online and ad-free. We’re offering some neat rewards, like special roles and exclusive channels on our Discord server, and early access to stream VODs and podcasts!

The Patreon can be found at

Thank you so much to everyone who is able to pledge to the campaign, as it will help make LPVG even better as time goes on. However, if you’re not able to pledge for whatever reason, please know that reading, commenting and sharing the site are a massive help as well!

Joe is LPVG’s resident hardware nerd. If it’s overpriced and has gaudy RGB lighting, he’s probably drooling over it. He loves platformers, MMOs, RPGs, hack ‘n slashers and FPS, with his favourite games being Mirror’s Edge, Left 4 Dead, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Oblivion and Dead Space. Don’t ask him about his unhealthily large Monsters Inc memorabilia collection. Seriously, just don’t ask…