Update – August 26 (again): There’s a new tweet. I’m almost convinced this is referring to the First Wave Agents encountered in the story, who struggled to handle the chaos they’d found, leading to the player and other Second Wave Agents to be sent in.

Update – August 26: The numbers at the top of the Twitter account have now changed to 898-2876/967-2517.

Reddit has noticed something very interesting. Assuming the numbers below are coordinates, they don’t just match up with general mission locations, they match up with almost exactly where the final bosses of the Madison Field Hospital (Hutch, a Rioter) and the Napalm Production Site (Joe Ferro, a Cleaner) are located. This matches up with the icon, which represent the Rioters, and the tweet’s image, which show the Cleaners.

The new coordinates continue this trend. (898, 2876) is on the Police Academy Mission, near where First Wave Agent boss Scarecrow is encountered, while (967, 2517) is everyone’s favourite loot mill, the Lexington Event Center, and more specifically to around where you fight Larae Barrett.

Hopefully the next set of coordinates continues this trend, because now we know whatever it is has something to do with the boss fights.

The Division’s official Twitter account is teasing something. We don’t know what it is yet, but it’s something.

The account’s icon has been changed to stylised brass knuckled, while header image has been updated to display the numbers 1164-1353/888-1874. Meanwhile this cryptic tweet was sent out around the same time:

We currently don’t know what any of this refers to. The numbers may be coordinates corresponding to two in-game locations ((1164, 1353) is inside Madison Field Hospital, while (888, 1874) is very near the Napalm Production Site).

A smart user on Reddit has noticed that the numbers also line up with real-world addresses in Central Park, New York City (some of which also appear in-game as Dark Zone checkpoints). Central Park was the focal point of a large leak before the release of Update 1.6.

However, how either of these link in to the location shown in the tweet, which is in the Dark Zone, does confuse things a bit. Also what the brass knuckles means, I have no idea.

My current working theory is that this is teasing the next global event. Potentially one including the cleaners faction (who are shown in the screenshot, and are the key enemy of the Napalm Production Site) or the rioters (who are the key enemy of Madison Field Hospital, and could be represented by the brass knuckles). The first one ended on Thursday, and so teasing the next one now makes sense. Massive is making a big deal of global events, making an ARG for the next one seem pretty obvious.

Theory number two is that this is hinting at another map expansion like 1.5’s Dark Zone North. Central Park was repeatedly mentioned in dialogue leaked before the release of 1.6 and the addresses all matching up to areas that are not only in the real-life central park, but are also positioned at in-game checkpoints makes the coincidence too great to ignore. It also explains why the tweet has an image from the current Dark Zone.

The much more out there guess is that this could be the story content we’ve wanted since launch. The text of the tweet could suggest we get to see more of the Rogue Agents, who were woefully underused despite being the primary antagonist of the whole game. Keener’s business isn’t done, and up to now he hasn’t been caught, so maybe this is what the tweet is referring to? How this adds in to the numbers or the brass knuckles isn’t clear, though.

Right now, Massive is playing with us. It could either be something huge and exciting, or, and unfortunately more likely, it could be just the next global event. Here’s hoping it’s the former. I’m sure we’ll find out more over the next week, until the next Division State of the Game stream next Thursday.

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