If you own The Division, but not the sublime second expansion, Survival, this weekend will be your chance to try it out in a free DLC weekend.

Ubisoft has announced that from August 18 to August 20, the Survival mode will be freely available to all players via the Base of Operations’ Terminal (the big shared space right at the very back).

The mode is a survival-focused, battle royale-type affair where players scrabble over limited resources while also dealing with NPCs, cold, thirst, hunger and infection. It can be played either in PvP (my personal preference) or the surprisingly brutal PvE, and successfully completing either will net you a metric tonne of loot.

Survival is by far the best of The Division’s three main expansions, offering a quick, sharp shock of all the best bits of The Division in a controlled environment. The added bonus of so much loot as a reward ain’t too shabby, either. You can read my review of The Division: Survival right here.

In other Division-y news, Update 1.7 launched today (August 15), bringing with it global event and mission modifiers, character remodeling, new gear, and the controversial “encrypted cache” loot box system. It isn’t exactly as exciting as the best expansion being free for two days, but it’s something I’m still eager to take a look at over the next few days. Then I’ll be too busy with fresh meat…

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