After days of teasing, Ubisoft Massive has finally announced what The Division’s free Update 1.8 – dubbed Resistance – will include, and it sure is a doozy: two new game modes, a map expansion and improvements to Underground are all on their way for free later this year on all available platforms.

First up is a map expansion: West Side Pier. Available for all players, current information suggests that this will be a light zone area, as opposed to the Dark Zone North introduced in 1.6. There will be a “variety of open world activities” focusing around the unexpected alliance of the enemy factions, as well as a new social hub, Camp Clinton.

The first of the two new game-modes is Resistance, a PvE horde mode where teams of four hold off against ever-increasingly difficult waves of enemies for as long as possible, earning special loot as rewards.

The second is Skirmish, a deathmatch PvP mode that sees two teams of four try and get the most kills before the timer is up. It sounds like a much smaller scale PvE experience than either the Dark Zone or Last Stand, which can’t hurt for matchmaking times.

Smaller things included in Resistance are an overhaul of the Underground DLC, which was the first of the Year One expansions released. Rogue mechanics – the Dark Zone’s method of risk and reward in PvP – is getting revamped, although how exactly hasn’t been announced just yet. There will also be another minor overhaul of the gear system, letting you pick which stats you want to prioritise in the menus more easily.

More information will be unveiled tomorrow at 8AM PST/11AM EST/4PM GMT on The Division’s weekly State of the Game Twitch stream. Expect there to be a few more small surprises and details, but probably not a release date – 1.7 has only just launched, and 1.8 is the last numbered update confirmed for Year Two of The Division. Considering we’re not even half way through Year Two yet, giving it all away now would be a strange move.

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