Correction: The original article claimed that Pavel Zagrebelnyj was not involved in the project. However, Focus has clarified that he is, in fact, now at Saber and is the vision holder and lead developer on MudRunner. We have corrected the text and the headline to reflect this. Original publisher Oovee is still not involved.

A remastered, reworked version of 2014’s muddy driving simulator Spintires. Called Spintires: MudRunner, it’s on its way this October for PC and consoles… with a bigger development team and a new publisher involved.

Spintires is all about clever driving as your giant, heavy trucks get bogged down by the muddy roads of Siberia. 95% of the game’s fun lies in those mud physics as the roads deform and splatter underneath (and sometimes next to and on top of, too) your haulage trucks. It’s a difficult, complex game built on a simple premise, and generally did it super well.

Developer by Saber Interactive (of TimeShift and Halo: The Master Chief Collection ‘fame’), MudRunner will introduce a new sandbox map to the already-existing five, a new challenge mode, new vehicles, overhauled graphics and, according to new publisher Focus Home Interactive, “other comprehensive improvements”. More importantly, this will see Spintires on consoles for the first time, with releases for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Spintires has a bit of a muddy history, which makes this resurgence all the more surprising. It’s the brainchild of lone developer Pavel Zagrebelnyj, who notoriously fell out with original publisher Oovee after Zagrebelnyj claimed they had locked him out of the game and failed to pay him what he was owed, preventing him from releasing further updates.

Things went even more south last year, when the game was briefly pulled from Steam due to allegations Zagrebelnyj had embedded self-destructing time-bomb code to the game due to his clashes with Oovee that made the game crash on launch, rendering it unplayable. The issues were fixed and the game was returned to sale, but as little has been heard from either involved parties since, it looked like that would’ve been the end of Spintires.

Despite the muddy road to get here, Spintires: MudRunner will launch for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this October. Those who already own the original game on Steam will receive a 50% discount.

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