Horizon Zero Dawn now has an easier difficulty level to allow you to enjoy the great story without those pesky robo-dinosaurs mucking things up. The mode, creatively titled “Story Mode”, has been introduced in the latest patch for Guerrilla Games’ excellent neo-primal adventure.

By boosting Aloy’s damage output, and significantly reducing the damage done by machines, Guerrilla says the game becomes more appealing “for people that mainly want to experience the story of Horizon Zero Dawn”.

Although Story Mode is the only significant new feature in the new patch 1.32, a number of bug fixes and minor tweaks have also been bundled in as well.

I’m currently on my first playthrough of Horizon Zero Dawn after missing out on it at launch. The story is far and away the highlight for me, weaving together fascinating mysteries in an incredibly fleshed out and creative world. Also lots of buff not-technically-cavemen, which is fabulous.

If anything, I think the gameplay gets in the way of the game in a lot of respects (especially those stupidly annoying Corrupter enemies), so knowing there’s know a way to blast past that and get to the best bits is fab.

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