Final Fantasy XV, the hyper-modern take on a beloved JRPG series, is getting a crossover event with historical action series Assassin’s Creed as part of free DLC event later this month.

The Assassin’s Festival will be available between August 31, 2017 and January 31, 2018, during which Assassin’s Creed-themed events, rewards and minigames will be available.

The trailer up top shows just how deep this crossover goes, with Notcis and pals donning hidden blades, climbing towers, freerunning across rooftops, jumping into haystacks and assassinating Magitek soldiers as if they’re Altair or Ezio. Or, I guess, Assassin’s Creeds: Origins’ new hero Bayek… which is what this whole thing is meant to promote.

If Bayek’s robes are a bit too unproven for you, you’re also currently able to unlock the “Master Assassin’s Robes” (which look a lot like Altair’s getup), specifically for Noctis, through the currently running Chocobo Festival. Just make sure you get a Dream Egg before the end of September, and you’ll be good to go.

Assassin’s Creed is my favourite game series, and I’ll devour anything to do with it. XV is my favourite Final Fantasy game, and I’m happy for any chance to return to it. The fact that this crossover appears to be so in-depth, with whole new animations and voice-acting being added, just makes me so, so happy.

I’m not saying I think this may have been aimed specifically at me, but I think this may have been aimed specifically at me.

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