If recent additions to the Steam database are to be believed, the original Destiny may finally be making its way to PC, joining its big brother Destiny 2.

SteamDB, a site that tracks items added and modified within Steam’s internal database of products, has picked up a number of amounts of “Destiny Silver” – the microtransaction currency used in the console versions of the game. The item descriptions also link to Bungie’s end user licence agreement, something that would seem odd if this was by a third-party pulling a hoax through the newly introduced Steam Direct system.

Valve isn’t exactly known for its quality control, so an eager fan incorrectly using Direct like a wishlist could be possible, however seems pretty unlikely considering the language used in the item descriptions.

It’s important to note that database entries are far from being confirmations that a game is coming to PC any time soon, if at all. Developers often put placeholders for their games in the system early on in a port’s development, and so this could easily be cancelled over the coming months.

However, the SteamDB has also been a great source of leaked PC ports in the past, with games such as Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, Final Fantasy X/X2, Danganronpa and Guilty Gear Xrd – SIGN- all getting revealed through the database before an official announcement.

I’m awful at FPS on a controller (which is why I haven’t played with Vikki yet, she’d slaughter me in Crucible), so being able to play both Destiny and Destiny 2 on my PC with a controls setup I’m used to sounds rad as all heck.

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