Square Enix has announced the latest world to be featured in Kingdom Hearts 3 – one based on Disney’s ESPN sports channel.

“The Pitch” will see Sora and pals join up with players from baseball teams such as the New York Yankees, the Chicago Cubs and the Boston Red Sox in a gentle game of baseball against the Heartless.

These matches will be true to the actual sport, taking numerous hours of not a whole lot happening before the game splutters to a close. Optional microtransactions to purchase peanuts and crackerjacks will be included too.

Executives at Square Enix are rumoured to be enthusiastic about the partnership with ESPN, saying it “deepens our relationship with Disney, opening the door to other beloved properties such as the EarthStar airline and GoPro.”

Footage of the new world will be unveiled behind closed doors at GamesCom.

Like all other “BREAKING NEWS” posts on Let’s Play Video Games, this is a humorous article and not an actual news report.

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