With the recent, hugely successful remaster of Crash Bandicoot demolishing the UK sales charts this month, an unprecedented number of gamers are realising maybe Crash Bandicoot wasn’t quite the Mario 64 killer they remember it being twenty years ago.

Realph Gamerson, a 28 year old life long gamer who grew up with the original Sony PlayStation, emailed us stating, “I really remember Crash Bandicoot as this amazing platformer that changed the world. I definitely didn’t need some crummy loser Nintendo 64, those were for baby nerd kids, and Crash Bandicoot was a more technically polished and well designed platformer anyway. The problem is I booted up the remaster and it’s not how I remember it. I keep dying, I have to run toward the screen where I can’t see my way, and my jumps don’t work right. I’m starting to worry maybe it’s not as amazing as I remember it being.”

We also recieved an email from 26 year old Clareal NotFakeLadyGamerella who told us “I’m pretty sure they’ve changed things. I used to love Crash. It can’t have always been this bad, can it?”

We will keep you updated as reports continue to roll in, but early reports indicate Crash Bandicoot may have actually been a fairly medicocre and kind of busted platformer when it first released, if anything made worse by its remaster.

Further updates to come.

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