It’s coming. Through the dark, it inches ever closer, teeth bared and claws outstretched. A thousand screaming faces make up its smoke-like form, leaving behind black tar footprints as its unstoppable journey continues for all eternity. And it’s coming for you, your money, and your friends’ money.

Yes, the Steam Summer Sale begins tomorrow.

While an anonymous developer, who has access to the NDA’d and very private developer Steam group, previously leaked the dates, PayPal, the usual source of all Steam sale-related leaks, has also let drop the exact same start date: June 22. A Steam representative later confirmed that this was correct.

In the last few major sales on the platform, there haven’t been any of the time-sensitive daily or flash deals of yesteryear, probably due to the addition of Steam refunds. So as long as you log on any time between June 22 (from 6PM for UK users, and whatever that is in your time zone for the rest of the world) and July 5, you’ll be able to grab a few bargains.

And now, all rise for the anthem of the Steam sale:

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