Review: Venom Switch Racing Wheel Twin Pack

Useful for surprising things

When I received a twin-pack of Venom Racing Wheels for the Switch Joy-Cons to review, I assumed it would be very simple. They’re plastic wheels, the Joy-Cons fit securely inside the wheel but can also be easily removed, and all without damaging the controllers. It gives you a physical wheel shell to hold that might make it easier to visualise how to steer in Mario Kart if you’re a motion control player.

I actually ended up using the Venom Racing Wheels less for their intended purpose of motion-controlled racing support, and more for improving my ability to comfortably play button-based multiplayer with a sideways Joy-Con.

What is it about these wheels that made them a part of my button-based, local multiplayer experiences? Improved access to the ZL and ZR bumpers on a sideways Joy-Con and increased holding comfort, mainly.

My use of these Venom wheels was ultimately nothing to do with their shape. The plastic buttons on the wheel, which push down small plastic bumpers to press the physical buttons on the controller, make pushing those sideways buttons much easier to hit comfortably. The larger size of the wheels makes them easier to hold for longer periods of time without receiving any degree of hand cramp.

Yes, I ended up playing some Mario Kart with these wheels. But I also played a bunch of SnipperClips with them just because it made rotating the game’s characters left and right far easier.

My use of these Venom wheels was ultimately nothing to do with their shape as wheels

Look, these are plastic wheels for a motion controller, so there’s a limit to how much I’m going to have to say about them. They work just as well as the official Nintendo wheels, and have bumpers that are well designed for hitting the triggers on a sideways Joy-Con. They make a sideways Joycon slightly more comfortable to hold and, crucially, they cost a bit less than the official Nintendo wheels.

There are cheaper plastic wheels for your Joycons out there, and there’s grips better designed for improving the feel of sideways Joycons in standard gameplay, but not very many tick both boxes. If you want a plastic wheel that doubles as a way to play SnipperClips more comfortably this is a solution.

Manufacturer: Venom

MSRP: £12.99

  • Is a wheel
  • Makes trigger presses easier
  • Makes holding Joycon easier
  • No special features besides being a plastic wheel
  • Middle of the pack price wise

It’s a plastic wheel with decent trigger buttons. The price is middle of the pack.


Good, but ultimately a plastic wheel

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