Killer Instinct, one of the best exclusives of the Microsoft ecosystem, is finally breaking free and coming to Steam later this year.

There aren’t many details about the game, which up until now has been only available on Xbox One or through the kinda-naff Windows 10 store, other than the fact it is coming in the near-ish future. No price, launch date, included DLC, and no word as to whether there will be any cross-play between the Microsoft Store and Steam versions.

There’s a very good chance this means players on Windows 7/8/8.1 will be able to join in too, though, as Steam doesn’t utilise the awful 10-exclusive Universal Windows Program system that has caused so much controversy over the last year. Plus this probably means legacy arcade sticks will be supported, unlike the Xbox One version.

Killer Instinct is a great, snappy, brutal fighting game with really slick presentation and some rad as heck characters. Not a lot of people seem to know the Microsoft Store version exists (or want anything to do with it if they do), so here’s hoping the player numbers get a healthy boost with this move.

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