The intense debates about which boy is the best boy will reignite next week with the release of Final Fantasy XV’s next DLC, Episode Prompto.

The DLC will launch on June 27th, and, as the name suggests, will follow Prompto and explore his backstory further. In a first for the Final Fantasy series, Episode Prompto will adopt third-person shooter influences to better suit Prompto’s gunslinging playstyle.

As you can see in the (spoiler-tastic for the main game) trailer up top, the DLC looks set to have a much more varied set of environments than the previous, Gladiolus-focused one, featuring labs, snow, and snowy labs. Plus Prompto picks up a snowmobile from somewhere, so that’ll be exciting.

I didn’t like the first DLC, Episode Gladiolus. I thought it was too short, too inconsequential, and Gladio is by far the worst boy. Hopefully changing up the mechanics and letting us play as a far, far superior boy instead (although not quite Ignis-tier, that comes later on) will make Episode Prompto a much better experience.

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