Farming Simulator 17 is getting an expansion and a new re-release on November 14.

Dubbed the Platinum Expansion, most of it will revolve around the introduction of a third farming map, set in South America. New vegetation, livestock, railway networks and vehicles from brands from Australia, South America and Poland will all be included.

For those who’ve yet to pick up Farming Simulator 17 (which I loved in my review), the Platinum Edition will launch for PC, Mac, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and will include the base game and the Platinum Expansion.

For those who do own it, the expansion will be available to buy as DLC on all platforms (and for PC as a retail box, curiously), however pricing for this has yet to be announced. And if you own the Season Pass on consoles, Platinum is included as part of that, so you’re already good to go for launch day.

It’s really nice to see Farming Simulator 17 get some more official support. While Giants has been making official mods for the game over the last year, we’re still at least a year and a half off the next full PC/Console entry thanks to the alternating major platform/mobile platform release schedule the series has. Seeing as the portable Farming Simulator 18 didn’t impress me all too much, I can’t wait to head to the farms of South America instead.

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