A leaked memo from Microsoft’s E3 presser has confirmed the name of the upcoming Project Scorpio console: “The Nintendo”.

The memo, which has been verified by Let’s Play Video Games as being genuine, prompts the conference’s presenter on how to discuss Microsoft’s new console.

It claims that, by calling its new console The Nintendo, it aims to corner the Grandparent market who may struggle identifying an Xbox One when purchasing games for their grandchild, especially in shops that also continue to stock retro games for the original Xbox console. The memo claims that “Nintendo” has long been a generalised term for consoles, much like “coke” for cola and “hoover” for vacuum cleaners, and so this branding marks a “bright, new, defined future” for Microsoft.

The memo also stresses that the name has no relation to the similarly-named company, Nintendo. While investors may like this new strategy to capture the non-gaming market, it’s yet to be seen how the players will take to this major rebranding for the Xbox line.

Microsoft’s conference, where this will be announced, begins at 10pm today for us Brits, and equivalent times for the rest of you.

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