Scientists at the world’s largest partical physics laboratory, CERN, may have just discovered evidence that stock of Nintendo’s Classic Mini SNES actually does exist.

Dr. Herman Shroeder, chief researcher at CERN’s metaphysical electronics lab, believes this discovery may change the world’s understanding of how console stock comes into existence,

“The key thing about the Classic SNES is that we’re not observing the console itself, just the remnant artifacts of it existing for an impossibly miniscule amount of time,” Dr. Shroeder said, “By firing electrons at immense speeds through copper wires, we can discern the moment when anger and discontent flares, suggesting the SNES has appeared but then disappeared once more.”

While in-stock Nintendo consoles have been theorised before, this may be the first time their existence – and the subsequent cessation of their existence – has been observed in a laboratory.

As it is such a new discovery, the full implications of it are not known at this time. Experts believe it may impact everything from space flight to medical technology, however no further research can be conducted until peer reviewed research can replicate these incredible findings.

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