It’s been some time since Deep Silver volunteered new info on Dead Island 2, but in a statement earlier today, the publisher confirmed that the zombie prequel is still very much alive. (Well, as alive as zombies ever are, I guess).

In a brief – and I really do mean brief – statement to Eurogamer, Deep Silver said: “Dead Island 2 is in development at Sumo Digital, and we are excited by the progress the team are making with Deep Silver’s most successful IP. When we are ready to share more information, we will.”

Initially pencilled in for a 2015 release, the game suffered a series of setbacks and delays, sparking reports of a breakdown between the publisher and then-developers, Yager. In March 2016, Sumo Digital picked up the reins… and that’s the last we’d heard before today.

Are you still interested in knowing more about the zombie vacay sequel? as always, let us know your thoughts in the comments below…

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