You might not have known this, but Farming Simulator 17 has an incredibly active modding community. It’s no Skyrim or anything, but there’s more than a handful of custom-made tweaks, maps and vehicles you can freely add to the game right through the client.

One of those includes pinning a Minion to your tractor like a shit spinoff of Mad Max.

Look at it. Look at those eyes. Those are eyes that scream “where did my life go so wrong”, terrified at the thought of their autonomy and independence being reduced to nothing more than a weight to stop a tractor going a bit skew-whiff.

Why a Minion? Why not a Minion. Could’ve been a Rabbid, I guess, but nope. There are Minions on this tractor, and the images on the mod’s page are absolutely hilarious.


There is no point to this article. Nothing to take away, nothing to learn or understand, nothing to ponder or discuss, I just fancied sharing a Minion strapped to the front of a tractor because I find it funny.

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