A local man needs you to know that he has a Nintendo Switch, it has emerged today.

Graham “I Have a Switch” Reynolds, 25 of Llandudno, has confirmed that his Switch had been delivered to his house at long last this morning.

“It’s so good to finally have my new Nintendo Switch at home, on the bus, and in every café in the town” Reynolds said to a press conference outside of his home, “I can now make sure people can see me play all those games that I’ve been looking forward to, like Zelda, Minecraft, and Zelda.”

When asked what colour it is, Reynolds confirmed that it is the Neon variant, “Just to make it more noticeable, especially for the people on the bus I force into playing Snipperclips with me. People love seeing photos of strangers playing Snipperclips with me.”

“I’ve already booked a three-hour train ride this evening so I can get in some serious Zelda time on my new Nintendo Switch. Honestly the Switch has revolutionised gaming for me, as I can now play outside of the house, where people can see that I have a Switch and they don’t. Did I mention I have a Nintendo Switch? Because I have a Nintendo Switch. I now want every game ever to be ported to the Switch, and if they’re not then obviously those games are bad and for people who don’t own a Switch.”

More to follow as this story developers.

Joe is LPVG’s resident hardware nerd. If it’s overpriced and has gaudy RGB lighting, he’s probably drooling over it. He loves platformers, MMOs, RPGs, hack ‘n slashers and FPS, with his favourite games being Mirror’s Edge, Left 4 Dead, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Oblivion and Dead Space. Don’t ask him about his unhealthily large Monsters Inc memorabilia collection. Seriously, just don’t ask…