This contains mild spoilers for the Kingdom Hearts series.

Kingdom Hearts takes place in an often-confusing world full of all sorts of mystical and powerful people. Heartless, Nobodies, Unversed, Dream Eaters, Keyblade wielders, the Unions, the realms of light and dark, Xehanort, there’s sometimes too much to keep track of if you’re not paying attention.

There is one thing that is painfully obvious throughout it all, though. Pluto is the single most powerful entity in the entire Kingdom Hearts universe.

Pluto is King Mickey’s trusty sidekick. A seemingly simple dog, he’s the one who first discovers hero Sora on his arrival in Traverse Town, and ever since then seems to pop up at the most opportune times to push the story along. It seems like he’s just a character used by Square Enix to make things happen when there’s not a whole lot of other options, but, in fact, there’s something that makes me think there’s something more to him.

He doesn’t wear a coat.


In the Kingdom Hearts universe, darkness is an evil force that can corrupt a person, eventually turning them into a Heartless. This darkness is what made each world disconnected and almost impossible to move between. However, there are three ways of pulling it off.

The first is the use of Gummi Ships. Sora, Donald and Goofy use these ships to get around, however it generally needs routes between worlds to be opened up before they become accessible. It’s dangerous due to the vast amounts of Heartless and Nobodies found between the worlds, which puts off even the most skilled Gummi pilots like Hollow Bastion’s Cid. The second way is for a vessel to be protected from the darkness by the darkness – Captain Hook’s ship and Monstro can both safely move around, despite both being swarmed with Heartless.


The third way is the important one in Pluto’s case. Special black coats are used by almost every character at one point or another, most notably by Organization XIII, King Mickey and Riku. They allow the user, even those who are aligned with the light, to move through ‘Corridors of Darkness’ that join the worlds. However, the coats have been in use long before they were on the scene, with the Master of Masters – one of the earliest known Keyblade wielders – making use of one.

Pluto is a dog. He’s not even an anthropomorphic dog like Goofy, he’s just a dog. A dog who can’t fly a Gummi ship, isn’t influential enough with those aligned with the Darkness to have his own vessel, and I’m 95% sure they don’t do doggy-shaped black coats. And yet we clearly see him utilising corridors of darkness without any negative effects.


Every other character’s movement through the worlds is justified – they’re either a Princess of Heart who is immune to the darkness, they use a black coat, they’re a powerful magician, or they don’t stay within the darkness for long enough for it to affect them greatly. But Pluto, an entirely normal dog, is seen hopping between worlds like it’s nobody’s business.

He’s in Traverse Town, he’s on the Destiny Islands, he even winds up in the Nobody homeworld of the World That Never Was completely on his own. He clearly has contact with Mickey while he is trapped in the realm of darkness, enough so to be able to trot around with letters from the King as if that’s no big deal.

Pluto is invincible. Who’s is the only character who’s managed to avoid being harmed in any way by not only the enemy factions, but by the very force of darkness itself. He’s an independent agent in a universe full of scheming groups and defenders of the light, and he’s a dog.

Pluto is amazing. Pluto is terrifying. Pluto is Pluto.

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