Bayonetta could be coming to PC.

The weekend was a mess of actual fake news and practical “jokes” that mostly kept me away from the internet – thanks April Fool’s day – but one joke is just perfect enough to be awesome… and amazingly, it seems there may a grain of truth in it, too.

Sega released a free, fully-playable Bayonetta game on Steam, imaginatively entitled 8-Bit BayonettaThe cute 2D action game even shipped with achievements, and it’s these that have led fans to a hitherto hidden site on the website.

What’s there on the minisite? Very little, actually. But boost your screen brightness and you should see the faintest outline of Bayonetta, plus a countdown clocking counting to… well, who knows. It expires some time on April 10 or 11, depending upon your timezone, after which I guess we’ll be put out of our misery.

Could this be confirmation Bayonetta is finally coming to PC, and that’s why the free game launched on Steam? Or perhaps it’s news – at last – of a third installment to the franchise?

Guess we’ll find out in roughly eight days time, eh?

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