It’s easy to look at the world right now and be convinced it’s only a matter of time before we’re all plunged into the apocalypse itself. Would we be able to survive the end of civilisation? Find food and water? Shelter? More importantly, would we be able to find cute boys?

That’s the question Kickstarter visual novel Who We Are Now poses. Described as a “queer post-apocalyptic visual novel”, it will follow player character Wes as he tries to navigate love with one of four boys in a post-nuclear world.

There’s a whole load of reasons I’m interested in this. We don’t see enough emotional relationships between queer dudes in games, especially in post-apocalyptic stuff. It’s also nice seeing a dating sim with men as the options that is written by a queer guy (Bryce Duzan previously wrote the NSFW gay demon-lovin’ game Summonr). Not to mention the awesome body diversity going on here, with disabled and fat characters being two of the four boys up for smooching.

The Kickstarter seems to be going well, too. It’s got art (by Allison Paige), music (by Manny Baltazar), a playable demo and extensive story information, which probably explains why it’s managed to raise over a quarter of its targeted $6000 in just shy of 24 hours.

Here’s hoping Who We Are Now manages to hit its goal. I’m up for kissing and crying with some cute post-apocalypse boys.

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