In 2007, US high school student graduate Corey Bunnell signed up to a forum to get hints and tips about living and studying in Japan.

Talking to fellow members on TranslatorsCafe (thanks, Kotaku), Bunnell explained that two exchange trips to Japan as a student had sparked an interest in moving there, and while he was worried about how he could pay for his studies, his hope was that studying in Japan could pave the way to his dream job.

“My dream is to live in Japan and work for Nintendo as a game designer,” Bunnell wrote on the forum. “I realize this is a very large goal but it has been my dream since I first played Mario. I need help figuring out how to achieve this goal. I know I would need to goto [sic] a game design school of some sort, and also get my Japanese to a level where I can speak and write professionally.”

After some conversation about how best to improve his Japanese language skills (a wellwisher recommended he try reading the Harry Potter books to improve his vocabulary), he added: “I’ll basically do anything to achieve my goal.”

Fast forward to 2017, and Reddit user Tizzlefix sat watching the credits scroll at the end of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and noted that one name seemed to stand out against the hundreds of Japanese names scrolling past. 

“You’ll notice most programmers etc. in Nintendo games are all of course Japanese being a Japanese company and all,” stated Tizzlefix. “But I noticed an odd name towards the beginning of the credits, it was an English name. Now normally those are reserved for the translation section of any Nintendo game but this one was for programming.

“Now you’re probably thinking none of this actually interesting, ‘Sure it’s not unlikely that some non-Japanese guy works at Nintendo’ and you’re right it isn’t but the interesting part is after doing a quick google search, I found [the link to the forum post] on the first page.

If this is the same guy then that’s pretty damn cool that he was able to follow through with his dream.”

It’s pretty damned cool indeed. TL;DR: Never quit. Just do it!

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