Retailers across the world are struggling with limited stock of Nintendo Switch launch games. The reason? Games journalists are eating them all.

Cherry Tompson, owner of independent Hay-on-Wye retailer Games-4-Your-Eyes-on-Wye, is concerned the current trend of games pundits, journalists and critics licking games for humorous videos will have an impact on their business,

“They’re all gone. Zelda, 1-2-Switch, Skylanders, the lot of ‘em. Jeff Gerstmann, Jim Sterling and Griffin McElroy burst in here a few days ago demanding I peel and place Switch games directly into their mouths. Since then, we’ve not been able to get any more stock in without various sites devouring them before they go on the shelves. I’m going to have a lot of angry customers come launch day…”

The sudden shortages appear to stem from the fact a bittering agent is used in the cartridge’s production process to prevent small children from putting them in their mouths. Nintendo was obviously unable to predict that it would be fully-grown adult journalists eating them instead.

Nintendo has advised that customers do not place the cartridges into their mouths, unless it can result in a funny video. Then go wild.

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