I was going to be working on my review of The Division’s third expansion, Last Stand, today. I was heckin’ excited for it, as it and the accompanying patch adds a load of new things for me to shoot my way through.

Instead, the server maintenance to add it all has been extended indefinitely. There’s currently no word from Massive when the game will be back up.

It hurts. It hurts so bad. Help me. I need my game. I need my Division fix. Please.

Joe is LPVG’s resident hardware nerd. If it’s overpriced and has gaudy RGB lighting, he’s probably drooling over it. He loves platformers, MMOs, RPGs, hack ‘n slashers and FPS, with his favourite games being Mirror’s Edge, Left 4 Dead, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Oblivion and Dead Space. Don’t ask him about his unhealthily large Monsters Inc memorabilia collection. Seriously, just don’t ask…

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