While attending a Focus Home Interactive press event in Paris last week, LPVG was able to talk to staff at Farming Simulator developer Giants Software about the upcoming Switch port of the game that is apparently releasing this calendar year.

While development on the title is still incredibly early, and staff did not want to commit to promising any specific version (be it Farming Simulator 17 or a future instalment) for Switch yet, they did say that the Switch port of the game would be “likely closer to the PC version than the 3DS port”, referring the upcoming release of Farming Simulator 18 on the 3DS.

While a lot can change during development, this does hopefully mean that players looking for a comparable full farming experience while on the road will get a better version of the game on Switch than on 3DS.

Each version of the game released alternates between portable editions (like 14 and 18, which are on the 3DS, and 16 on the Vita and mobile devices) and console/PC releases (like 15 and the most recent 17), so this suggests we’ll more likely see a Switch edition following the major 15/17-type releases, as opposed to the smaller mobile ones. Or it could potentially mean a shift in the cycle, with 18 launching on both major and portable devices?

So, are you excited to plow fields on your lunch break? I bet you Joe Parlock is, he liked Farming Simulator 17.

[Disclosure – LPVG’s hotel and travel costs were covered while attending the above press event. This included travel from London to Paris and one night in a Paris hotel].

[Photo Credit – Becky Gorman]

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