While attending a press event held by Focus Home Interactive in Paris last week, LPVG was lucky enough to get an early look at the trailer for Bound by Flame and The Technomancer developer Spiders’ next game. The RPG, called GreedFall, will be officially revealed tomorrow with a short trailer and a 2018 release window. The game is currently incredibly early in development, with the reveal limited to a purely CGI trailer.


From the trailer we saw, the game seems to centre around a set of colonial human explorers stumbling upon a land mass that feels very inspired by the British discovery of America. When they land, the native inhabitants of this land turn out to be magic tree women who can summon giant tree beasts to fight on their behalf. The humans have guns. The tree women are really not interested in handing over their home to the invading class. Clashes ensue.


Speaking to the development team, the idea behind the game seems to be that players will play one story, switching between multiple perspectives and player characters on either side of the conflict. At key points in the plot you’ll switch from playing an invading human to defending your home as one of these tree people, and back again as the narrative dictates.


As stressed before, the game is incredibly early in development, so we were unable to get a clear answer to many of our questions about the project, but the trailer that’s going up tomorrow sure is nice. Until then, take a look at these concept art images we were able to get our hands on and enjoy the cool visual design that’s going on.


Apparently the landscapes are inspired by 17th century Flemish paintings by Cyril Tahmassebi, Paradis Sok and Frederic Augis. That’s about all of substance we learned.


[Disclosure – LPVG’s hotel and travel costs were covered while attending the above press event. This included travel from London to Paris and one night in a Paris hotel].

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