Developers behind the crowdfunding hopeful Apocalypse Now have decided to move away from Kickstarter to run a campaign on their own site.

The game, which describes itself as “like Fallout: New Vegas on acid in Vietnam”, has secured just $172,529 of its $900K target, with just nine days left to go of the Kickstarter campaign.

Pledges already made to the original Kickstarter project can switch backing to the new campaign for a reward tier upgrade, essentially getting the rewards of the next tier up for no extra cost. The closure date has also been revised, and the campaign will now run for the next 458 days.

Interestingly, since switching the team have boosted the goal from $900K to $5.9 million. Yes, million.

“ will be an engaging space where fans and backers can get the latest updates, communicate with the team making the game and continue to support the project through the entirety of the game’s development cycle,” states the developers on the new site. “The team will rely on this dialogue with the community to help them to create an Apocalypse Now game worthy of the motion picture in every way.”

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